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Home birth, birthing center, or hospital? How did you decide where to bring your child into the world?

posted Jun 23, 2011 14:40:24 by MeghanGilroy
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MeghanGilroy said Jun 23, 2011 15:07:28
My husband Jamie comes from a long lineage of home birth babies. He delivered his first son, Nick, by himself without a midwife (by accident – in pre-cell phone days the midwife was MIA).

Yet when I became pregnant, I assumed that I would give birth in a hospital. After all, as far as I knew, that’s where babies were born.

Only I don’t really like hospitals – they put me on edge. I looked into a birthing center too, but it seemed like a hospital with nice quilts on the bed to me.

So to my surprise, I began considering a home birth. I realized that I would be most relaxed in the comfort of my own home and I’d have more say in the vibe/environment. I found a midwife that I loved and did some research on the benefits and safety of homebirths. My heart said, “Home is the place to be.”

The birth of Bodhi was quick and easy. (I know, sounds crazy to some). My husband and I delivered him in our bed – this time with a midwife by our side.

For some time after Bo’s arrival, I thought that a homebirth was the “best” option. Then I had a conversation with a friend of mine who was pregnant and whose father was a doctor. For her, she was most comfortable and relaxed in a hospital and the idea of giving birth at home set her on edge.

That’s when I appreciated free choice – when you can go beyond where you think a baby should be born (ie me assuming a hospital) and instead have the freedom (from fear, assumptions, or family/societal pressure) to clearly and consciously choose what feels right to you.

I am so happy that I followed my heart. I hope my story inspires you to follow yours – whether it takes you to a hospital, a birthing center, or right at home in your own bed.

If you already have a child, how did you decide where to give birth? Share your story…
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